Friday, September 9, 2011

The new kid.

It's that time of year when school is starting.
Remember the new kid?
Were you ever the "new kid"?
Well, here at the lakehouse, we have a "new kid".
She's just adorable!
Since she already knew the little cart, I thought they would do well sitting next to each other.
 I brought home the little cart a few weeks ago, and she seems to be doing very well..filled with vintage linens and towels. She was at my friends garage sale...all alone...waiting for someone to choose the poor kid that was always chosen last for the wiffle ball game.

 Sweet little vintage trash can was the last thing my friend sold...she brought her over just today.

She fits right in with all the other aqua "kids" here at the lakehouse.

I'll give her a few days to adjust before filling her with empty soda trash in this little sweetie!
Actually, my friend Debbie(who shopped the flea markets for me while she was in Florida every winter) is moving. I bought a few of her things for my home, since she is leaving for Florida...this time to stay! She and Joe bought a house down there, and are leaving Monday. Debbie stopped at the pharmacy today to say good-bye. She left little miss trash can in my car.
We stayed with Deb and Joe last winter for a few days, and plan to see them again this winter when we head to Sanibel Island.
I will miss my friend so very much.
It's so nice to have a few of her things here to remind me of what a great friend she is.
Debbie will now be the new kid at school down in Florida. She will fit right in tho...she's one of those people that you like right away.....
and she'll be a forever friend.


  1. I am smiling but feeling a bit teary-eyed for you...even though you STAY friends when people move away it is not quite the same as having them down the street a bit.

    I LOVE that little trash can. She is just a beauty. You HAVE to name her you know...she looks like a Lillith to me. Let's hope the cart doesn't get sassy and decide to roll her away to freedom! xo Diana

  2. Some days life is bitter sweet, isn't it? So sorry you are losing a friend like that to Florida, but so happy that you had her close and can call her friend.
    Now you have an even better reason to head there this winter. To catch up.
    Love the pop can holder. Trash can is just too harsh for something that pretty.
    I was the new kid many times. You learn to make friends fast, but you never forget the ones you had to leave behind. They are forever a part of you no matter where or how far you go.
    I can't wait to meet the new kid you befriend in Debbie's absence. One door never closes wihtout another one opening, and that goes for friends, too.
    I know she is going to be so special and just what you need when you need it...;).
    Hugs- Tete
    PS- Diana has lost her mind- that's no Lillith...geez, woman. That's a Sarah!

  3. Hi Debbie,
    Your friend, Debbie, is moving to my neck of the woods...I'm just a bit north of Sanibel Island (Venice) and my brother lives in North Fort Meyers. Do come on down to visit!!

  4. LOL! You are getting to be as crazy as that Diana broad, sis! Naming your can holder? Whoooo boy! I guess to be on the safe side, you better stick with Lillith Sarah as her name. That way you won't tick Tete off. hehehe!

  5. Such a pretty trash can. Love the color.