Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Monday!!!

Good, rainy Monday morning everyone!
We have been so dry here at the lakehouse, it's nice to get a good soaking rain.
I didn't go to the market with Laurie and Michelle on Sunday...boohoo.
We had sooo much to get done here before the cold weather hits.
 Mr. L finally finished painting the trim on the house yesterday. I'll share pics on a sunny day. I LOVE the trim white!!!  It looks nice against the faded grey of the siding.

 While cleaning out a closet on Saturday, I found some Fall decorations. Among them was this little wagon. The aqua-blue goes perfect with the rest of the colors here at the old lakehouse.

 The wagon is sitting on the dining room table...with the galvanized pieces. It looks good with the greys, and the French runner too.

I hope your weekend was a fun, and productive one. We finished a lot of projects here that needed to be done.
Have a fantastic week!!!


  1. What a cute little wagon. I need to get going on my decorations..I love fall but it seems i am not ready this year?

  2. It looks beautiful! We missed you so much yesterday but I am glad that you got some things done. :)

  3. Love the little wagon with the pumpkins in it!!
    It rained here part of yesterday and all night, but we really needed the rain here too. Some areas got up to 4 inches and it flooded the roads in those areas.
    Have a great week!!

  4. I am in love with that wagon and those chunky pumpkins! I would have to come and rescue it if it didn't have such a good home and a beautiful lady to keep it safe and pretty.
    Can't wait to see your paint job...gotta be the most wonderful house on the lake, bet your neighbors are so jealous of you and Mr L.
    Hugs, girl- Tete

  5. Adorable wagon with the pumpkins.
    Love it.


  6. Well, I didn't get ANYTHING done! I am glad you did though! I'm sorry that you missed the fun with Laurie and Michelle! There is always next time though!

    It will be fun to see the white trim you got painted on the lakehouse! xo Diana

  7. Your wagon is just adorable, Debbie! I never would have thought to combine orange with aqua, but the pumpkins look perfect in it! Have a great week:)

  8. We missed you, sista!!! We would'ave probably scared you, though....We looked like a couple of drowned rats by the end of the soggy day! lol! Love your sweet little blue wagon! Darling! Can hardly wait to see pics of your beeeautiful house all spiffy for the wintertime! :)

    xoxo laurie

  9. How adorable ! I LOVE the color of the wagon against the bright pumpkins - just perfect !