Friday, September 23, 2011

It's official..

Hello all you bloggers, and lurkers of blogs.
It's official.
It's Autumn here at the lakehouse.

Since Mr. Lakehouse has been painting the trim on the house white...I decided to clean up the porch, and put away all the Summer stuff.
 The window boxes are still looking "okay", but have been thinning out little by little. Adding gourds and pumpkins kind of helps spruce things up, and adds a few pops of color here and there.

I am loving the heirloom pumpkins this year. Some look so flat, it's as if they plopped out of the sky, and hit the ground....plop!
The sage green ones are gorgeous!
 I love nestling gourds in the window boxes for the grand kiddos to find....almost like an Autumn gourd hunt.

I worked in the gardens today...pulling all the dried and dead plants out. All of the scraggly stuff you see here is gone.
 I'm anxious to see the mum plant bloom. I'm hoping it's white, but there wasn't a tag on I'll get a surprise when the flowers open.

We accomplished a few things the past two days, but have lots more to do before the cold weather gets here.
I hope the weather holds.
Enjoy your weekend....


  1. So pretty Debbie!!!
    Your home is lovely and you have done such a wonderful job in your looks like fall!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. It's looking lovely, Debbie- I know you are me and just love this time of year...when there is a morning haze over the water sometimes and the crisp coolness greets you when you step outside. I love your window boxes and all the heirloom pumpkins you found. I haven't seen any of those around here.

    I see that you won a sign too! Can't wait to see what you pick! xo Diana

  3. Looking like fall for sure! hope your mum is what you want...but u know it could have a tag and it still blooms a different color!

  4. Lovin' all of your pumpkins and gourds Debbie! The window boxes look great-enjoy:@)

  5. I love the squatty, orange pumpkin Deb, and the window boxes are so very pretty! Yes, enjoy them because old man winter will be here before we know it!

  6. Hi Debbie, fall is taking over your lovely home. I adore the green pumpkin, have "never" seen one.. what a lovely surprise you'll have when your mum opens. Your window boxes are gorgeous! I've got to get busy and get some more things out... hugs ~lynne~

  7. Very nice, Deb! Can't wait to see what you do with your window boxes, etc. for Christmas. :)

  8. Your house is looking so autumny and cozy, sista! :) Luv those grey/green pumpkins! So cool! You have alot more ambition than I do with your windowboxes. I dumped both of mine out today! lol! Missing you this weekend....and will miss ya tomorrow, too. :(

    xoxo laurie

  9. All your hard work is paying off...looking good! Love little white pumpkins but I also love the green ones!

  10. OH the pumpkins especially the sage green one... heirloom ? hope I can get me some seeds for next year we have just recently started growing pumpkins and they seem to like our English weather...must like the rain I guess haha ... love the piccies
    Gail xxx

  11. I like how your window box looks with the last of the summer plants and the pumpkins and gourds mixed in! I'm not quite ready to decorate for fall yet, I'm trying to hang onto summer even though it's gone!!!

  12. Your fall decorating looks so pretty Debbie! You really have a talent for making lovely vignettes and your photography shows it off so beautifully too! Angie xo

  13. Hi Debbie! You have everything looking so cozy and comfy there. I just bought a green little pumpkin like yours. I thought it was so cute.