Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moving day

It's moving day here at the lakehouse.
Since we are having night time temps dropping into the thirties, the herbs decided to make their annual move inside.
 Thyme took her usual spot next to the window. She enjoys visiting with Verbena, who lives just outside in the window box.

 Lemon Thyme also likes a window sill apartment. She likes to watch the geese fly by on their way south.

 Then there's Rosemary. She likes a room with a view, but prefers a place on the lower level.
 Here's miss Thyme again...she's trading a little gossip with Verbena.

 This group of succulents share a flat. They are a rowdy bunch, and live on the bottom floor.

 Pretty lady Succulent prefers her own place. She's shy and doesn't fit in with the rest of the bunch.
This is old lady Rosemary....she hates it when everyone moves back in for the colder months. Rose prefers to stay in her kitchen flat, with her sister in law Violet. They sit around all day...not saying a word...just waiting for Spring to arrive, looking forward to every one's move back outside. She's a little ornery..but she's pretty.


  1. Morning, Debbie! Looks like moving day was a success and everyone seems happy with their winter time placements.
    Wish I could bring some on my stuff in, but Doffus would just tear it all apart and scatter it everywhere.
    I am sitting here freezing! It's so hard to get used to when it was over 100 last week!

  2. Hi Deb! I loved this post, so cute! I'm loving the African Violet you have there, I have two, one had violets all over it. Watched Samantha one day, took her home, came back and wondered what that was laying all around the plant on my hoosier...she had picked all the violets off...she said they wore dead!LOL Do you feed yours? What do you use? I have one that Sydney gave me when she was about 3 so I've had it for 6 you use different soil?


  3. What a fun post, Debbie! I adore the succulents in the muffin tin, what a great idea! And your aqua looks wonderful with all of the white. Sounds like you and your herbs have been a busy bunch:)

  4. Glad everyone made it in ok ! I'm a bit jealous of your cooler temps - still icky, muggy in jersey ! Enjoy !


  5. This post made me smile, Debbie. Who wouldn't want to rent from you?!! :-) I am loving these cool days and evenings...just not having the air conditioning on is a treat!

    I planted rosemary in the ground in Michigan. Should I dig it up and bring it inside for the winter?? This is my first year growing it. I love your succulents in the muffin pan...what a cute idea!

    Have a great day, my friend!!


  6. OMGosh..I knew it ! You have gone over the edge...and you are talking about your plants as if they were REAL. You have been hanging around with that blond friend of yours WAY TOOO LONG...and she has gotten to you, hasn't she? I know that she has watered you down with FatDog/SleepyCat and NOW look what has happened. I am thinking Little Lakeshop of Horrors here..xo Diana

  7. The 30's! Already? That's amazing. It will be awhile before I have to bring stuff in. I don't have a lot of good interior light for herbs but I may try!

  8. Hello Debbie,
    What a sweet post you are too funny!!
    I needed some laughter today!! Here in Florida it still is in the 90's ugh!!!
    Thank you!

  9. hee hee hee that was such a cute post...put a smile on my face thankyou x

  10. Debbie,
    How adorable of you to personify your plants! Enjoyed this read and their portraits :)

  11. LOL! You had me giggling at this post, Debbie.....til I read what Diana said.....then I almost peed my pants when I burst out laughing! lolol! What a crazy girl! lolol! Loved your darling post today. We're cooler at nights lately, but not in the 30's. You sure change seasons quickly up there, don't you? :)

    Counting the days.....!

    xoxo laurie

  12. So do you know what herbs can be brought inside? When I bought herbs this year they are sold as annuals and I was told they dont do well in the house. I would love to hear from you. Maybe I can save some of them after all.

  13. that is a great idea, I love the succulents in the tray. I must try that