Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flea market bedroom makeover.

I know I already posted today, but after cleaning the bedrooms, I decided to post again.
Most of you know that my bedroom has been ALL white for a while now.
Well....I took everything off the walls, windows, bed, tables, and dressers while cleaning today. I even removed the netting from over the bed!
I replaced everything with some flea market treasures that I have been wanting to use for the longest time.

The white duvet cover and pillows are in the washer as I type. This vintage quilt, pillow slips I made out of an old chenille bedspread, the vintage baby quilt across the foot of the bed, and the pretty white and pink floral pillow slips I recently received from Laurie now grace the white iron bed.
 The doilie is from my flea market shopper..Debbie...from Florida. Little milk glass bottle..flea market find.  The pearls and earrings belonged to my mother. The green bud vases...my grandma's.

 I LOVE the bed all squishy with lots of soft pillows, and pretty bedding.

Found this awesome wire basket at a flea market....it was Laurie's..LOLOLOL
It looks great filled with some vintage linen pieces.
 This gorgeous tablecloth found a home above the bed on the window....lovin' it!!

More lovely bottles sitting on the sill.

This old dish is a favorite of mine...it's been in every room of the house.

Our upstairs is a chalet, with steep slanted ceilings.
It's difficult to rearrange furniture, so I have to floof things up with a change in accessories.

The tea towel on the chair back is from Diana...just because.
The red heart sachet is from Donna. She made it from some vintage fabric I found at a garage sale last year.
And there you have it....my flea market bedroom.
Maybe not as cool as you see in "Flea Market" magazines, but it works for me..*wink.


  1. I love it, Debbie! You are the POST QUEEN today! I'm glad you found a little spot for the towel. MyHero's gramma always had them lined up on a little skinny towel rack in her "upstairs" bathroom that no one ever used.

    I love all your vintage fabrics there-and REALLY love the little piece you got from Laurie- did you steal it?;>) I sure hope I can hit a flea market iwth your gals next year!!!

    I have 3 more long days of work this week-ugh..i think you are working to~xo Diana

  2. Simply love it! How can you not? You have the most wonderful hide away there, slanty ceilings and all- lovin the bed and I could see holing up in the on a snowy day.

  3. Great bed and i love those chennile pillows! Yes, I want to run and jump in that bed!

  4. You are incredibly ambitious!!! But, decorating is so much fun, isn't it?

  5. How pretty and I LOVE the window treatment!!

  6. So pretty ! ! This blogging has got me changing the house round every other day hahaha...my husband comes home from work and says...erm...something looks different...that's not usually there...hahaha...keeps things fresh and interesting though n'est pas ? Gail xxx

  7. What a lovely, romantic bedroom you have. Your bed is beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Love your romantic bedroom, so sweet!


  9. Love the photos. And the bed looks so comfy. Love the chenille pillow shams. So pretty. Hope all is well. I have been out of sync with my blogging for the last month - so I wanted to stop by and say hi. I have been working on a project...almost done so that is a good thing. Take care and hope all is well.

  10. Wow....you've been a busy little bee, haven't you, sista? lol! Your bedroom looks really sweet and cozy. The colors really warmed it up for the cold months ahead. And I really love that everything you put in there has a special meaning to you... ♥ (I'm gonna tell Diana that you stole those treasures from me...hehehe!)

    Luvya ~

    xoxo laurie

  11. I love your bedroom makeover, Debbie! Your bedding is perfect, and those pillows look oh, so inviting! So great that you have treasures and mementos tucked about, even the sachet I made for you! I am loving your gorgeous window treatment! It's all so pretty and inviting!! Have a great week:)

  12. Such a charming bedroom! We have deep slanted ceilings in our upstairs too. There is really only 1 place we can put our bed, so it doesn't get rearranged much. I absolutely love that tablecloth as a curtain! What a pretty design on the edge. It almost looks like snowflakes, which will look even more amazing when it starts to snow. I know...bite my tongue...I said the "S" word. Have a lovely week and enjoy this gorgeous indian summer weather!