Monday, September 5, 2011

Good news!!!!!

Wooohoooo! Melissa got good news! The blood tests came back with a report of a low risk of birth defects!
THANK YOU ALL for the prayers for my sweet daughter and her family.
God is good....ALL THE TIME!
So now, we wait for Olivia Cora to arrive. That won't be until the end of December.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I was so excited about the good news, I had to expend some energy.
I decided to floof....and change some furniture around....again.
Poor Mr. Lakehouse doesn't like going into a dark room for fear of sitting on the sofa that isn't there anymore.
 I'm sure you are wondering what I am doing with these shade bones.  I found the first one a few months ago, and thought it was the cutest thing ever! The second one was found at the market last weekend. Adding a ribbon seemed to add to it's cuteness. We bloggers find joy in the simplest things, don't we?

A while ago I found some shutters that were pretty beat I brought them home, instead of letting them grace the landfill.
Mr. Lakehouse painted them white, and I distressed them.
They are now hanging on both sides of a window(which I will show you after Mr. L. takes the nasty window air conditioner out), and they look really neat!!

The vintage cameos were found at a shop that is closing it's doors. They were at a price I couldn't resist.
 This poor settee has been moved so many times, it must be dizzy! Some of the floral pillows have been removed for a little different look.

 Here is that wonderful French bowl I found at the market with Laurie.  It looks nice on the sofa table behind the couch.

Since I don't have white slip covers, I am using a heavy, vintage tablecloth to cover the sofa. The pillows are also covered with what used to be an old Irish tablecloth.  Collecting vintage linens doesn't mean folding them and putting them in a cupboard....utilize them! They make wonderful pillow slips. Covering a bed with a large piece is also a great idea. Here at the lakehouse, they are hanging, draping, covering, adorning, and even used for drying dishes!!! Show them off!! They add so much to a home.
After floofing the evening away(after a busy day at the pharmacy), I was ready for bed.
Today I'm ready for the sun porch....relaxing, and reading a good book.
Enjoy Labor Day everyone!


  1. So Happy to hear the great news Debbie! Love your living room too, so cozy! What a neat idea with the lampshade.

  2. Such good news about your daughter! Praise God! Your floofing is gorgeous as usual. I'm in love with that french bowl. Enjoy a day relaxing and have a great day!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news about your daughter and that name! He is good!!!
    Love the new bowl you found on your sofa table, looks so nice!
    Thanks for helping me with my header, finally got it right, you are sweet!

  4. Oh Debbie what great news about your daughter and Olivia!!!
    Love your home and all your moving around your furniture.
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  5. Wonderful news, Debbie! I just know Olivia is going to be one healthy bay!!

    Love what you did around your home...can't wait to see the shutters in place. We have those nasty old window units, too, so I am waiting on putting up my new curtains.

    I love seeing pictures of your home. You really are so creative and have such good taste I need to get moving on some of the fabrics and linens I have, if I could just keep my kids off the furniture!! And I mean BIG kids!!

    Have a great Labor Day!


  6. OH! Such wonderful news, Debbie!! I am so happy for your family! Beautiful have such a lovely home!

  7. That is such great news, Debbie! I've been keeping you all in my prayers:) Your whites are just lovely, you make me want to dig thru my stash of vintage linens and see what I come up with! Love the shutters, and those little wire lamp shades are just the cutest! Enjoy your well deserved day off!!

  8. What blessed good news! I'm believing along with you for God's best!

    Blessings to you~


  9. Debbie, what wonderful news!!
    Everything looks so pretty...your home is so beautiful, yet still very cozy!!

  10. Love hearing good news! My God continue to watch over both of them until it's time for the arrival.
    God certainly hears us when we pray.
    Love all your puttering...and if you ever have extra, over the top energy, head this way and you can do whatever you want here!
    Glad you are having a good weekend and hope that book is a romance...
    Hugs- Tete

  11. So glad you had good news! Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day:@)

  12. That is wonderful news! Thanks for stopping by for a visit at my blog. I grew up in Michigan!

  13. Debbie, such wonderful, blessed news!!! Love all the fluffing you did at your house this weekend!

  14. So glad to hear the good news. I know you can't wait for Olivia to get here!
    ... about the furniture moving, Mr.Vintage has learned to never enter a room without turning the light on first, lol.

  15. I am SO happy that the test came back with positive news!!!
    I love all your floofing dear, it looks so cozy and so pretty. I hope you had a relaxing labor day weekend.

  16. What wonderful news ~ I am so happy for you!