Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Here it comes!

It's coming.
Just as the cooler air moves over the warm water.....
The mist sweeps over the glass-like matter.
 The first of the leaves on the big maple are turning. The ash tree across the canal reflects it's Autumn shades off the water.

 The gardens are bursting with black-eyed susans...showing off their deep yellow color.
As I look out the kitchen window, I notice the sun is heading south...and taking his time giving light over the rooftop.
I'm bringing in the rosemary and thyme. Tomatoes line the window sills, and squash is resting on the butcher block.
The wine rack is full.
The hydrangea's are drying.
I'm trying to adjust to what's to come.

Ready or not....Autumn is coming.
Time to bring out the sweaters and blue jeans...put away the flip-flops and swimsuits....
I guess I'll take a trip to the market and pick up some mum plants.
The final moments of summer are slipping away....
An owl was outside the bedroom window last night. It seems he was calling for the change of seasons. Kind of a sad, yet beautiful sound....reminding me that losing summer  might be sad for me, yet fall is such a beautiful time of year here at the lakehouse.
I will enjoy it...one breath at a time.


  1. So beautiful Debbie...I'm sad to see summer go but you gave it such a poetic feel:) Actually picked up some mums this weekend...giving in to the weather!

  2. so pretty! I'm ready for fall but not whats coming after that. That is spooky lol

  3. Oh, so lovely! I could do fall 12 months a year.
    We worked for 6 days last week @ our new lake house & it was SOooo HOT & then overnight we had to pull out the sweatshirts...
    Looking forward to fall in Michigan... : )

  4. You've put that so nicely Debbie!
    Fare thee well sweet summer...Welcome Autumn!
    Bring on your beauty!
    Hugs :)

    Deboraah xoxo

  5. It looks so beautiful there! The leaves are changing here as well and it feels so great outside and so snuggly at night. :)
    Although we also now have those icky tent caterpillars all over!! ugh!
    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. I'm not quite ready this year either, Debbie- Maybe because I feel like I missed out on a lot of the joy of summer this year....and didn't get nearly enough accomplished!

    It was 38┬║ here in WI this morning-and the breath of Autumn is around us~ xo Diana

  7. We had 46 here this morning and by the weekend, they will start picking the crops...the rustling of the corn stalks will fade away. It is sad but I am praying for a long fall- at least until March!

  8. Summer always passes by so quickly and now autumn is creeping in here too. It's been quite cool the last couple of mornings but warmed up to a comfortable temperature.

  9. Beautiful post, sis. Just beautiful. I don't mind autumn at all.....as long as it lasts til March - like Tete said! :) Our leaves are falling and the potted plants have lost their color....but the sky is oh so blue and it feels so good to snuggle underneath the down comforter at night. :) Can hardly wait to see you again!!

    xoxo laurie

  10. It's hard to believe that fall is almost here! We've seen a few leaves that have begun to change already. Though I don't think we'll get as much fall color here as back home in Michigan, since we have tons of pine trees. But it still is beautiful! hugs to you!

  11. You put it so beautifully, that I almost cried. I too, love summer and it feels like this one past me by. It was one of our busiest summers ever.

    There is just a hint of color in the trees up here. The little red maple given to us a few years ago in memory of my husband's father is the first to start turning.

    I gathered my outdoor flower pots together and covered them with a blanket to keep the frost off. I'm milking them for all their worth! Have a blessed weekend.