Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Honey..I shrunk the table!

Hello to everyone on this muggy Wednesday morning...and I mean muggy!!!! Muggy..what a funny word. Say it over a few times and it will make you laugh. Muggy, muggy,muggy!!LOL I guess I could have used the word humid, huh?
Anyway...our dining room table is very loooOooong. We have 28 people in our family now. But not everyone is here at the same time....kind of a good thing.
I have always loved the look of the farm table. Since the room is quite large, the table fit really well.
The thing is...most of the time it's just the hubby and myself. Sitting at the table seemed almost cartoonish. The hubby, and me, and this long expanse of table......
It looks good all long....and....long. But for wasn't doing anything for me.
So I took the middle section out the other day.

I laughed at how small it looked. There seems to be too much "floor" now.
We had supper that evening, and it just seemed cozier.
I can always put the section back in for company...right? But was wondering if it looks a little ridiculous all small, and...not long.

Let me know what you think. If this looks silly....I WANT TO KNOW!!!
Thank you for your comments, and advice. I so much appreciate it.
Have a nice "muggy" day....*giggle.
Oh...I almost forgot. I'm sharing with Faded Charm for White Wednesday. Stop in and see all the other blogs with pretties to share.


  1. I love it- now you have room to dance...

    Muggy, muggy, muggy- now I'm a grinnin'!

    Have a great day in this heat!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Hi Debbie,

    The table looks good smaller, and yes, you can easily added the center section back when necessary. Kind of nice to have the extra floor space, I think.


  3. such beautiful photos of your lovely kitchen , love all that youve done!!! could move in,
    kate :)

  4. I love the look, especially with the heat (grouch I am) it makes the room look more open and cooler. I like to show less in the summer when it is hot and bring more in to warm things up in the fall and winter. Looks great and yes it is "MUGGY, MUGGY, MUGGY!!!". Good thing we have at least not lost our since of humor.

  5. Your kitchen is fabulous!! The smaller table looks wonderful and intimate and I agree ~ lots of room to dance!!

  6. I think it looks fantastic! If you feel there's too much floor, how about a sisal rug?


  7. It looks great! Like you said you can always add later, wonderful that you have that option!

    Yes, it's been muggy here for the third day straight but at least it rain thur the night and I didn't have to water the plants♥

    Love your home and so glad I could see the drysink, I still have to do mine yet...sigh!


  8. love the table both ways- nice smaller and cozy-how wonderful!

  9. I say that the table looks good either way but if you opt for the smaller look it would be better to take two chairs out of the equation as well. It looks a little crowded with eight.

  10. Such a great room...I say, "suit yourself" or as my mom always said, "Shoot yourself!"

  11. I like it both ways, Debbie. I think it looks nice and cool for summer. I downsize our dining room table too after Mother's Day and until late Fall. That seems to be when we have the most family things. I like the extra space myself. Your room is beautiful. Was that always a dining room? It seems really big and I was thinking it might have been the original living room? Whatever it is wonderful.

    Gotta tell you-if it hadn't been for you I would never have been sleeping on those wonderful sheets. I'm a convert now...and would now like a 2nd set so I can get rid of the one set I don't like. They sleep "rough".

    Have a wonderful MUGGY day. It's the same way here on the other side of the Lake! Hugs-Diana to make some sugar cookies for SweetCheeks & Company....

  12. I like it looks great either way. Go smaller when it is just the two of that it has the more cozy feel and go bigger when family is there. I have a farm house table also and I just love hubby built it for us back in 1985.
    I just love looking at photos of your home. Since I was decorating primitive before like you helps me so much to see that just painting pieces white can give my home more of the farmhouse cottage look that I'm wanting.
    It muggy here in Ohio too. It was 91 degrees with a heat index of 114, but we had a storm go through and it is 77 degrees right now. However the sun is coming back out and it the temps will go up and it will get muggy again!

  13. I know just how you feel. I think it looks fine and gives you a spacious feel.

    I have done the same thing recently with all of my tables. Right now it is usually just hubby and me and it is much nicer with the smaller tables. You can see one of my tables on the header of the spindlecottage blog here:

    and speaking of muggy it was very muggy here also this morning when I took my walk and here are some pics here on my other blog! ha!:

  14. Hey Mugs! lol! I LUV the table smaller! Less is definitely better during the warm months. It even seems to make your room look cooler somehow...One suggestion tho? I would take out one chair on each side of the table and just have one at each end and two on each side. It would make give a little more elbow room at the table. As Diana would say...."just sayin'....!" lol!

    You must be out of the loop, sis! lol! I ordered my 'Reve' pillow slips a couple weeks ago from Melanie and I'm so in love with them!!


    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  15. Hello Debbie,

    It looks good and, like you said, you can always add the leaf when you have company. Cozy is good. I did the same thing with my dining room table because most of the time it is just me and my youngest son at home and we felt silly sitting at the table with the leaf in it. Plus, I also like the extra room it gives me in my tiny dining area.

    ~ Tracy

  16. Am I the only one here that likes it in the longer version. There is something about the length that really gives your kitchen the french farmhouse look and feel.

    Do you have room for a small table to put near a window with two seats. Something like a little drop leaf table. I think that would be sweet.

    Your kitchen is beautiful anyway you choose to use the table.


  17. I think it looks nice and cozy! I'd give anything to have a kitchen that size... think my heart's going to stay here in your kitchen! Beautiful photos (like always ;)

  18. Hi Debbie,
    I really like both ways! Since you have less table now, maybe you could have less chairs? And have you thought of a pretty area rug underneath the table & chairs? I think it would look awesome, and cozy it up even more!

  19. I'm no help at all - it looks great both ways, but I love that first picture with the table runner! Sometimes a person just needs a change.

  20. Hi Debbie, I looove your dining room, it's so pretty! I like your table either way, I guess just go with what feels good to YOU! :) (another) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  21. It's so pretty both ways! But I'd keep it smaller for a change. Change is good. How did you still manage to get all the chair around it though?

  22. It's a winner either way; your room is beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Gracie's Cottage

  23. I like it smaller; and think it looks great. You are just used to having it so big! Your kitchen is so pretty!

  24. I love the look of your kitchen. It looks so pretty and comfy and inviting.

  25. I love it both ways! Yep you can just put that insert in when you need it. This is a great blog. I can't help but notice all your wonderful pieces of furniture. Very nice hutch by the way!

  26. Okay, I am another one of the few that say...I like the longer table! Looks a bit more proportional with the rest of the room and gives better balance...but seeing it in person is always the best way to tell!
    Lovely room anyway you put it!!

  27. I love your room! I just painted our kitchen set black, and I was struggling between white and black. Love how yours looks. A great room. I became a follower.