Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beads, and more beads

Hello dear bloggers!! it's been almost a week since I've been able to post on my blog. It was awful! Not being able to check out my favorite blogs...I think I went through withdrawal. Tomorrow the cable guy will be back to replace our router....YES!!!!!!!!!!
My sweet friend, Debbie(you know..the one that shops for me while she's in Florida) just gave me a few strings of white beads.
I love these large ones...they remind me of a strand of pearls. They look so nice on the vintage dressing screen in the guest room...sigh.
Debbie also found some sparkley beads for my dining room light. I added two strands along the bottom of the light.
The crystal beads I strung myself, because they were in pieces. I found them, along with the large drops at a thrift store a few weeks ago.
I posted pictures a while back of the glass beads and crystals.

I am happy with the addition of the white strands. Looks a little more...chandelier-ish with more
I am sharing this post with Faded Charm for White Wednesday. It's always fun to see what other bloggers are sharing for the event.

I am so happy to be up and running again. I missed you all!!!!
I hope your evening is enjoyable.
Hugs to every one of you!


  1. Pretty beads, and computers are great - when they work!

  2. Oh I know how you feel Debbie...my computer got a virus and I went without for almost two weeks. I got it back a couple days ago and this morning the monitor went blank. Grrr....

    I managed to get a couple posts before that happened, but now have to call my nephew to fix it again! Sometimes I really hate technology.

  3. I'm so glad you are back and love your beads. The chandy looks grand...and the screen in the bedroom..to die for.
    Blogging withdrawl is the worst! My pc had a virus and I was only down a day and thought it was bad.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Glad to see you back:) I had been wondering where you were! I love your chandlier, it is tres chic! I wanted to do a post for White Wednesday, too, but I had "bloggers block" and couldn't think of anything! Hope you are keeping cool, it's still really hot & muggy down here!

  5. I'm so happy you are back to posting, love the dressing screen in your guest room, pretty pearls on the chandalier look just wonderful!


  6. Well it was plain awful missing you! The chandy is looking sparkling and fun. hugs♥olive

  7. Hey Debbie! Geez! I was worried about you...thought maybe you fell into a drug-induced coma at work....you know how you pharmacists are! Seriously, missed you and I'm glad you are back.

    I love the addition to your chandelier. It looks great. I can't imagine what it looked like with no "sparkle". You did a really good job with it. I'm also happy that your computer is fixed. What in the world did you do with all your extra time? lol....oh...maybe spent it stringing beads and baubles?

    Just so you know...those sheets I bought? MyHero loves them. One of the reasons is that they are long enough to stay fully tucked in at the bottom as he twists and turns in the night. Soooo happy I found them through you (who found them through Laurie)..lol...It's an all inclusive thank you hug here! Diana

  8. I think the chandelier is looking grand. Are you going to keep going until it's dripping in finery? I think I would. Every time I see one done "over the top" it takes my breath away. Maybe your pal should keep hunting down crystals and beads for you.

    Of course then there is the issue of dusting....But if you don't disturb the dust it doesn't show right? : -0


  9. I love the dressing screen. It brings up visions of the 20's, of me putting on my best flapper dress, draping those beads around my neck a couple times, sipping some bath tub gin & listening to jazz while I got ready for a summer party.

    Gosh...I just Gatsby moment!

  10. We missed you too!
    That screen is gorgeous, Debbie and so is the chandelier with all your lovely baubles (love calling them that ;)

  11. Love the Dressing Screen, Love The Pearls..... Hope you get all your computer problems fixed real quick ~ I know, I go a bit nutty without internet!

  12. Glad your back! You did a great job with the chandelier. It looks lovely. Love the dressing screen too. Be sure and hold on to your friend, she did good!

  13. Debbie-I've missed you! Teresa and I talk about how nice you are and how we love your posts-glad your back-Happy WW. Love the beads on the chandelier!

  14. I am newer to the blogging network...is every Wednesday "White Wednesday?" I was just going to post something today about white..not intentionally! Let me know! Love your chandelier! The extra's make it really stand out!

  15. I cannot get past your beautiful screen. I have two that I bought many many years a go and both need fixing up. I think it is time!!! You have inspired me. ~~Sherry~~

  16. LOVE that vintage screen and the linens on it. The pearls just set it off, just as they do the beautiful chandelier. Your home is lovely and the farm table is fabulous, how fortunate you are to have the leaves for it. I like it more intimate!!

  17. I just came across your blog and I love it! You have such a cute cottage-like house! I can't wait to see more-

  18. I love all your beads and the way you've displayed them, Debbie... gorgeous! I looked back through a couple of your posts that I missed. I just adore that old shutter! I tlooks great painted white! I enjoyed getting to see more of your beautiful dining room... it's so big!
    Happy WW!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  19. Hey sweet sis! :) Is that screen where you hide from hubby when you've spent too much on something? lol! Love it! It's sooo pretty with the pearls draped on it. And your chandy looks dandy with more baubles on it! :) Someday I want to see it in person! lol!

    xoxoxoxo laurie@heavens-walk