Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yard sale wicker

Oh my~~~~It took sooooo long to get this post going. Still having problems. I will try to respond to all the comments from the previous two posts by tomorrow.
I'm sorry about my last post being so negative...I was just so frustrated...still am.
Anyway....I found a couple of wicker pieces on Friday at a yard sale. The settee was only $30.00.
Two other ladies were there, and tried taking it..even after I paid for it!!!
Who knew yard sales were so brutal????
I covered the cushion with linen, and added one of my vintage linen envelope pillows I made, and another vintage sham from a different yard sale.
The chair came with the desk below. I like the chair, but it sits very low...even with a cushion. I am using one of the wicker chairs I found while "vintage" shopping with Laurie from Heaven's Walk. So I just added two pillows I made from more of my vintage linen, and put this one in the living room.

I LOVE this desk! It is in perfect shape. The drawers are great for holding all of my "stuff". The desk I was using had only one small drawer in the front. I am now using that behind the sofa. It is filled with pics of the grandkiddos.
Oh no!! I just noticed the wicker lamp shade is slanted...don't look at it.
So...this is my little corner where I blog. OR...try to blog.
I am so happy with all the white wicker. The price on the desk with the chair was only $35.00.
I thought that was a great price.
Now I must go back and respond to the comments on my previous posts.
Thank you for being patient while I try to work some kinks out with my blog.
Hope your weekend was nice. Mine was wonderful...we had company...quite a bit, as a matter of fact. LOVED it!!!!


  1. Fabulous pieces! That desk... OH MY!!
    And they look so great in your space.
    + a great deal!!
    & I am really not sure that I would not have fought you for it :)

  2. Rummage sale ladies can be aggressive! I'm so happy for you that you found something that you love!
    The desk is so cute.
    Don't worry about the other post- computers and grumbling go hand in hand.
    I did not look at the lampshade...
    Hugs- Tete

  3. The settee is gorgeous and I love your white fluffiness you've added to it.
    I've been also having trouble with my cable. I know the feeling. I had to laugh when you said about the lamp shade. I hadn't even noticed till you said "Dont look at it" So funny. I've done that sort of thing too, all of a sudden I see a painting on my wall that is crooked, and I am trying to crop it out. Loving your blog!

  4. I hope you are not having anymore problems with blogger. The lakehouse is looking beautiful in all its' whiteness. I love the door you painted and the table all set up. I too love wicker and you certainly got a bargain. Have a wonderful week.

  5. That settee is so cute I may have to come and steal it away...I can see why it caused such a fuss.

    Hope that the Windows Live Writer program will solve all your problems.

    Have a Happy Monday!

  6. Hey Sanibel Sista! :) I hope that Blogger is treating you better today. I am going to check out mine to make sure that I've uploaded the new editor...just to make sure! And that Live Writer sounds fun, too....That sounds like a great rainy day task to check out.

    LOVE your wicker, girl! What a steal! I can just imagine you sitting there blogging away to us all while you gaze out your window at the sparkling water......Sigh! :) more treasure hunting without me til you visit Heaven's Walk again at the end of the lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  7. I love all of your wicker pieces. I have always loved wicker. It looks so pretty in your home.

  8. Great finds! I am always on the look out for white wicker for my porch!

  9. The wicker pieces you found are really great. I love wicker, especially white. Your little corner is so cozy! I didn't know garage sales could be brutal-that hasn't happened to me--yet!Happy Monday!

  10. That's a very pretty wicker settee, Debbie. I like the filigree design. The chair and desk are pretty too, what a bargain!...Christine

  11. Great deal on the wicker Debbie! Imagine a garage sale fight...LOL! I've been having major computer problems too (not related to Blogger). In fact I was without internet for the last 4 days, after just getting my computer back last week! It's so frustrating. Hope everything is straightened out for you.

  12. I love wicker too--it is so old fashioned feeling and homey. I sometimes use photobucket for my pictures and sometimes I load it straight from Picassa.