Sunday, August 22, 2010

Message in a bottle

Hello everyone~~~Did you have a good weekend? I worked yesterday, but had today off. We spent the entire afternoon out on the boat. It was a bit windy out there, but wonderful all the same.
Did you ever see that Kevin Costner movie about the message in the bottle?  It's so good, yet soooo sad.
I used to think I would find a message inside a bottle when I stayed at my grandparents house at the lake. I would check the shore every now and then...looking for my treasure. I also used to pretend to be a mermaid. I'd keep my feet together as I swam under water, bobbing up and down like a dolphin. Wearing a swim mask was the BEST! I could see the sun shining beams of light down into the water, and bouncing off the sand below. I wanted to live down there...under the water. In the early evening, when the sun was still above the horizon, I would lay on my stomach at the end of the dock...looking straight down into the water.... Watching the fish and turtles swim right below. It was a magical time.
I still sit and watch the sun bounce off the trees as it reflects off the water in the evening hours.
Oh yeah...the movie about the message in the bottle.  Every time I watch that movie, I notice all of the windows in the beach house. Every sill is filled with beautiful colored bottles of all sizes...and shells, lots of shells, and sea glass.
Filling my own window sills with these same treasures gives me the feeling of living by the sea. I LOVE the blue and green bottles and jars the best! As the sun comes through the windows, and the bottles, the room fills with the colors of the sea.
I think back to those days at my grandparent's house on the water...all those childhood dreams and wishes.
I feel so blessed to live here at the lakehouse.  It's not the sea...but it's the next best thing.
Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. When imagination turns the key, your dreams are never locked away...
    The blue atlas jars are my favorite in color. I used to line them up at the antique mall in the front window so the sun would shine through them and hand prisms on the tails of the lace valances to make rainbows.
    My grandparents had a pontoon boat and we spent evrey summer camping and boating. Fishing and just being on the water.
    I wore a mask to see all the rocks below. We would find one in a special color and throw it in. We would all dive to find that rock, over and over again. The water here is too muddy to see into...
    But it still glistens when the sun hits it at an angle.
    Smiling at your mermaid tail- Tete

  2. OH... Love your blue & green bottles... makes me think water/cottage. I think that you should blow up & frame pic #3... love the red flowers thru the window :)
    Thanks for stopping by earlier..we didn't get the cottage, lost by just a little (it was an online auction) had to draw a line in the sand..deciding just how much we could afford to put into it with how much we were going to have to "put into it" to make it liveable... oh well, we have a place, this was possibly an investment :) we'll keep looking : )

  3. Beautiful memories and shots! Love the colors in the glass!

  4. Hi there Deb,
    I love your glass bottles & jars! The colors are amazing in the light! And the beach glass and star fish are awesome! I need to get a star fish! Although soon I will sadly put my beachy-summery accessories away, and in there place put fall decor. I too am an aqua girl, I practically lived in our pool when I was a little girl! So glad we live on a lake now, too! Have a great night!

  5. Your bottles look beautiful against the window! I lived in Canada from the age of 8 to 14 and I much prefer lakes to the ocean. I have wonderful memories of swimming in the lake:) Thank you for the beautiful images swimming in my head now!

  6. I love all of your bottles sitting in the windows. Reminds me of that movie too. I love that movie and the book is even better. I remember searching for a bottle with a message inside when we were kids and would go to the beach. Happy memories.

  7. Hey mermaid sista! :) I love hearing stories about your childhood. Brings me closer to you, friend! xoxo And thank you for giving me an idea about MY blue/green bottles in the kitchen window......I'll be doing some fussing and primping around here tomorrow for your arrival!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  8. Scroll down near the bottom of the page at the following site - there are seven pictures from the house used in the movie, 'Message In A Bottle':

  9. Hi Dear Debbie~ I worked all weekend and have another day to go...sigh...I love the water too...but I don't like to be IN it-I want to be BY it-if that makes sense. I love to sit and look down into the water like you do...but two near drowning experiences when I was young made me never want to be a I would like to sit on a rock and comb my hair-lol

    Your bottles are beautiful. They remind me of the ocean too...and sea glass...oh how I love sea glass (although I have none) I really like they way they look against your windows-especially with all the greenery behind them. I think it enhances the colors. I see your hollyhocks are still blooming!

    I can't beleive that you and that Laurie chick are getting together again!!! Whass up with that? You just of these days I will pull that pearl right into her driveway when you are visiting her.

    Off to bed here soon-another work day tomorrow. Diana

  10. I too think that when we fill our lives with something we love, it makes it all the more beautiful. The bottle collection you have is wonderful.

  11. What pretty bottles - the colors are magical ! I grew up living on a lake and would love to do so again some day.... but alas not many lakes in the NY/NJ suburbs - lol !

    Have a wonderful week !


  12. pretty bottles...glad you had the day off and that movie nearly ticked me off...hugs♥olive

  13. You are lucky to have memories like that. I have memories of the ocean but just ones of visiting the beach. There was a time that I lived 4 blocks from the ocean and I regret not taking advantage of it more often. Pretty post.

  14. What beautiful window sills you have. Love the blue and green bottles with the starfish. Looks awesome against the back drop of flowers peeking in from outside.

  15. Lovely memories and lovely bottles:):)
    And they all look gogeous all along your window sill!

  16. Love all of your vintage glass bottles and jars, Debbie! They look beautiful displayed on your windowsills to let the light shine through... gorgeous!
    Have a great week!
    ~ Jo :)

  17. Great photos. I collect vintage canning jars, and just did a post on the names of the different blues and greens. Yours are lovely.