Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White obsession

I've changed to the new blogger format, but haven't figured out how to use it yet!!!

I am all over the place with this!!LOL Hopefully I'll get it figured out sooner or later.
Since it's time for White Wednesday over at Faded Charm, I thought I'd share the next mirror to grace the walls here at the lakehouse.
I seem to be obsessed with painting vintage mirror frames white! then hanging them in the living room.
If this keeps up, it will look like a fun house in here.
I think it's safe to say that shouldn't be a problem since I have NO wall space left in here!
Do you find yourself skipping from one obsession to another?
First I was painting every piece of trim, and wall in here white. Then buying pieces of furniture to paint white. Then buying white curtains, and making white curtains. Covering furniture with white. Making white covers for all the pillows. Painting all the picture frames....white. Cupboards...white. White lamps. White bedding. Tables, chairs, entertainment center...now it's mirrors.
Once winter gets here...I'll be cracking open more cans of white paint to do the bead board in the upstairs bathroom.
Then it's the stairway.....
Okay, I'm sure you are bored with my "white" obsession by now.
I hope you like the vintage mirror where it is....I do.
Don't forget to go over to Faded Charm and see all of the other "white" obsessed people's posts.
Have a great evening everybody!


  1. I love all your whites and hope that you keep going and posting so we can all see what you do next!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    The new editor takes some getting used to but you will like it so much better once you get the hang of it!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. if you're going to be obsessed with something, white's a perfect choice. That pretty sand color really makes it pop.

    Nice to meet you on White Wednesday :-)

  3. Oh Debbie-I am always obsessed with one thing or another-lol At least I settled on ONE man and quit shopping around...lucky guy! lol Yeah...as he always says- Luck is in the eye of the beholder....hmmm...

    I love all your whiteness. I slowly lost a lot of my white after I moved into this house...and I'm not quite sure how it happened. I miss the clean freshness of it. I love all your old/new mirrors. If you find one that makes a person look 40 pounds thinner would you please let me know? I will come and pick it up and PAY you BIG bucks for it! Did you know that some stores actually use mirrors that make you look just a bit thinner so their clothes look better when you are trying them on? True-sadly. I think all my mirrors make ME look fatter-but it could be just my imagination and that's how I actually look~?>(

    Now- I know this will get you smiling. Last FALL I got obsessed with BOWS...Hair bows- for the girls. I bought yards and yards and yards of ribbon and I can't tell you how many buttons (for bow accents, of course). Well, after making about 100 bows..I decided to retire from bow making for a while. The other day my granddaughter said to me-Boy! We better get some more bows made before school starts this year...lol Soooo-I UNDERSTAND obsessions! Guess I better go start warming the glue gun up...xxoo Diana

  4. I would never be bored with your white obsession, Debbie! You are too funny! By the way, were your computer problems a result of switching to the larger blogger format? I had considered changing to that awhile ago, but figured it might be one giant headache!

    My obsessions? Let's see: I love to paint just about everything heirloom white! Or, various shades of blue. And I am totally in love with Ralph! As in Lauren! As in his antiquing glaze :) It's the greatest! Have a wonderful night!

  5. I love your white obsession: fresh, clean, happy, totally fine in my book... and I know!! I have a PhD in Psychology and an all white house too!!! LOL!!!!!

  6. I love it Debbie...so pretty with the other whites you have. I haven't been to lucky for finding mirrors but I keep trying!

    PS. I guess I have a white obsession too, there could be worse things right?

  7. Hey! I'm not bored at all, I would be doing the same thing if I could. But, hubby does not want me painting everything. I am going to paint the stairwell white and that will probably be it. So all I can say is YOU GO GIRL!!! I think it looks wonderful!!!
    Hugs, Cindy S

  8. I don't think ANYONE visiting White Wednesdays could possibly be bored with white!!!! No Way!
    I have just gotten a large oval mirror (gold) with beautiful cutwork and carving....I absolutely plan on painting it white...well a distressed white....
    Loved your mirror. :-)

  9. Oh.. Your house is so refreshing & clean with all your whites.
    I love your mirror. I Love all mirrors.... I can't stop. I will not pass up a thrift store mirror & paint it. I just went & counted.. 11 in the master bath, 5 in the sunroom, I have 9 in the craft room to be painted, ( I will find a place to put them :)
    yesterday I bought another... for .30 at GW.
    & I just LOVE the ones with unusual shapes...someday I'll show you :)
    Happy White Wednesday!!!
    ( & PS... thought of you yesterday, I was Goodwilling & out came a white wicker rocker in perfect shape, I grabbed it & someone literally took it from my hands.. I gave in & now am mad at myself that I let a rude person win... & it was only $4.00...AGH!!!! )

  10. Hello fellow obsessor of all things white! LOL!
    I love your white mirror, and I'm not bored one bit! ;o)
    I read a little bit of your last post and what you wrote in this one about Blogger. Believe me... I have my moments, too (Grrrrr - LOL), but I just try to fumble through all this techcnical mumbo jumbo so I can continue blogging (my other obsession). ;o)
    Have a great week and happy WW, Debbie!
    Hugs ~ Jo

  11. I LOVE your vintage mirrors!...so LOVELY in WHITE! THANKS for sharing on WW! ...hey I'm a new follower too!

  12. I get obsessed with things too-too much, but the white mirrors are a great things to be obsessed with !

  13. Love the white mirror!! I'm really loving the color white and am slowing painting more things white. I have several old white windows that I can't wait to put up. It's ok to be obessed with white...cuz there could be alot worse things to obessed with. LOL...

  14. The beauty of white is that it is the only color that can be used over and over in a room and it's repetition only makes it more attractive!!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. So pretty!!!!
    Sweet Blessings,

  16. HI Debbie, you have it as bad as I do. I love all your white. I've think I've gone too far. My Beach Cottage On Wheels is going to be all white too. What can I say, when the bud bites, its bad. Have a good White Wednesday.
    The Swedish Room

  17. I have 2 obsessions white and antique baskets. Well really 3, I love rusty items too. Maybe I have more than I thought!!! Love your whites, especially that wicker settee in you last post. ~~Sherry~~ p.s. I am having trouble with blogger too. I can't keep my writing from going between my pictures.

  18. I Love Old mirrors that are painted White.... Why is it that Men Hate when You paint Natural Wood, but Women Love to Paint it~ I really love the white against that great neutral tone on the walls... Love it! Hey Debbie, Theresa (612) & I are planning on meeting up this next year (late winter) for a day of Treasure Hunting, She lives I think north of Lansing, Me in Dearborn, How far away are you from Theresa.... We All need to meet & have a fun day together~ More Later ~ Great W.W. Post

  19. Hi Debbie!
    Yes, I move from one obsession to another too. Just wonder how it can all get done since the list is growing longer and longer and the jobs are getting bigger and bigger ;)
    Love all your whites, they're so pretty! I'm still getting used to the new layout option too. It seems to work better for me if I upload all the photos but then start the text and then insert the photos one by one as I want them, hope that makes sense!
    Happy WW, hope things are delightful w/you!

  20. I know, it is contagious! Once you paint one thing, it leads to the next..and the next..and the next!!

  21. Hey-
    I have passed on an award to you!
    Come visit me and see!

  22. The white mirror is gorgeous! I know what you mean, once you start with white it makes its way through the whole house!!! I swore I wasn't going to go white in our bedroom but I did...oh well:)