Monday, August 2, 2010

Vintage bird cage, and a surprise.

Hello everyone in Blogger land!! I hope your Monday has been nice. I just returned home from work a little bit ago, and inside my door was a package I've been expecting.
I mentioned about a week ago that I was trying to find the ruffled white sheets from Rachel Ashwell's Simply Shabby Chic line of bed linens. A dear lady, who's name is Diana, from Nana Diana Takes a Break offered to pick the sheet set up for me if she came across them at a Target store.
Diana found the sheets!!!! and sent them out just a couple of days ago! They are in the washer as I type. I cannot believe that someone would do that for me when she lives across Lake Michigan from me. I am finding that the people here in Blogger land are a rare breed. They share my passion for decorating, and truly understand my heart when it comes to pretty things. When I opened the mail packaging, this pretty pink, vintage towel slipped onto the table. Now I LOVE vintage linens...and knowing this, sweet Diana included this little gift with the sheets. I am a bit overwhelmed. I hung the little towel with my other favorites, along with two vintage aprons. How very thoughtful this new friend of mine is. She not only brightens my day with her sense of humor, but she warms my heart with her kindness.
Thank you sweet Diana!

Over the weekend, while shopping my favorite vintage shop, I found this little bird cage. It even has the glass dishes!!! I was absolutely in love with it! Of course, it had to come home with me.
I put it next to my desk.

Isn't it the cutest thing ever?!

I've seen other cages...but this one really made my heart skip. I love how it fits in here at the lakehouse. I didn't even have to paint it!!! It was already white!! Yeeehaaaa!
Simple pleasures, for "simple"(minded) people.
Enjoy your evening.


  1. That birdcage is just awesome!! I don't blame you for swooping it up. I would have done the same. Happy Monday to you too.

  2. Happy Monday! Love the bird cage! Looks great in your home and it's in such good shape. So glad you got the sheets you were looking for and someone was so nice to pick them up for you! The extra little surprise was a sweet touch.
    Isn't amazing how well we all get along in blogworld?
    We understand pretty!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. It is sheer awesomeness that your friend sent the Ashwell item you wanted. I love the above comment "we understand pretty." Your birdcage suits your darling self.
    hugs ♥ olive

  4. So glad you got your sheets people can be amazing, and how great is that bird cage!!! Lovin' it-enjoy!

  5. You are welcome!!! Enjoy!!!! I have 3 of those little linens that I got when we cleaned out MyHero's grandmother's house. I have one displayed and now have one tucked away. I saw that you loved linens (in your blog) so I thought-the perfect person to send one to that will really appreciate it! I think it's from the 40's or 50's. Shhhh...don't tell Laurie~you know how she is! YOU are a special lady...and special ladies have special things happen to them.

    I love the birdcage and I hate to sound stupid (okay-I sound stupid)...That's not a REAL bird, is it? Ahhh...if it is you just might wanna LINE the cage!!! Hugs-Diana

    ps. I can't believe you got those sheets today already. I mailed them just before noon on Saturday and she said 3-5 days mail time. Glad she was wrong ;>)

  6. What a lady, that Diana is, huh Debbie? :) You're so right about her....sweet and funny and just adorable! lol! Enjoy your ruffly sheets, sis!

    A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. birdcage!!!! Love it! What great condition it's in, too. It looks so cute there by your desk. Yeah, I was actually wondering too (like Diana)...(maybe it's a blonde-thing...?) if that bird was real or not. lol! If not, you can always put hubby in there when he's a bad boy. lol!


    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  7. Love those shabby sheets. I have them for my girls, so easy to take care of and they look so sweet with the ruffle.

    Your vintage birdcage is a lot of fun!

    Have a lovely day

  8. Hi Debbie!
    Aren't bloggers the greatest. They never cease to amaze me with their kindness and generosity.

    Love your birdcage. I would have had to have it too.


  9. What a great lady to get you the sheets and send them to you! I love the vintage towel, it looks great with your other things!

    Oh, the birdcage is fantastic, that sure is old with the glass in it, great that it was already white!


  10. What a sweet thing to do! I love the birdcage, too!

  11. Hi Debbie... What pretty linens!! I am lovin your pretty pretty birdcage! I have one on the patio I bought and I have not yet painted... I was still deliberating, but I love yours so much, you have nudged me :-)

  12. Hey Girlfriend....
    Been away for awhile and last night I found your wonderful gift in my email. Thank you so much. I added it to my blog and passed it on.

    I missed some of your great posts while I was gone, so I'm gonna go and catch up!!

  13. Hi Debbie,
    How sweet of Diana to send you the sheets! What a nice and thoughtful friend! And your birdcage is amazing! What is your little birdies name? (wink, wink!) Have a great day, it's another hot & muggy one here in southern MI!

  14. Hi. A lovely bird cage! They are pretty. I have one too; but mine is red. Love the little glass feeders. That was so nice that Diana sent you your sheets. Have a nice week!
    ~ Julie

  15. That is a beautiful bird cage! Colour me simple!